Our Menu

Come and taste our newly revamped menu, serving up Costa Rican classics along side our chef-inspired pub fare.

Homemade Chips & Salsa

Sharky’s tortilla chips with fresh, and zesty salsa. Add a side of homemade guacamole for ₡1.000.


Nachos with the Works

Sharky’s homemade tortilla chips and toppings piled high to the sky: jack and cheddar cheese, jalapeños, red beans, onions, tomato and sour cream. Add grilled chicken breast, beef tenderloin or pulled pork ₡2.000 more.



Yep! Straight from Tennessee, fried chicken thigh spiced up, battered and fried, piled on a slab of white bread and topped with pickle chips.



A veggie spin on the classic. Battered cauliflower florets tossed in our rippin’ buffalo sauce and served with celery and choice of ranch or blue cheese.


Pulled Pork Sliders

Three toasty buns stacked with slow-cooked, shredded BBQ pork, chipotle mayo and a pickle. Take ’em down or share ’em around!



Roasted chicken or pulled pork smothered in a cheddar/jack cheese blend and folded inside a crispy tortilla.



Mozzarella buffalo style! Served with our own tangy buffalo sauce and ranch on the side.


Ultimate tater Tots

Everybody’s favorite crispy tater tots topped with bacon, sour cream and cheddar cheese. Um yes, please!


jalapeño Poppers

A Texas classic, breaded stuffed jalapeños, served with a roasted mango dipping sauce.


tropical Ceviche

A burst of citrus in this traditional Costa Rican dish, catch of the day tropical style with fresh mango and avocado, served with our homemade tortilla chips.



As good as snacking gets. Rice, red beans, avocado, salsa fresca and our signature fried pork belly. Our twist on the Costa Rican tradition.


Caribbean Rice n’ beans

A Classic Caribbean Costa Rican Dish. Red Beans and Rice Pilaf simmered in Coconut and Chile Panameño Sauce, slow roasted Chicken thigh and a Cucumber Dill Salad. Spicy and Delicious!


It’s wing time!

Served with carrots, celery and ranch or blue cheese with your choice of house sauces: Original Buffalo, Spicy Mango, Atomic Fire, Honey Chipotle, Passion Fruit Siracha or Our Signature Jameson BBQ Sauce.

50% Off Wings 
Monday – Friday 5pm-7pm, Dine In Only


6pc for ₡4.000
12pc for ₡7.400
18pc for ₡9.900


6pc for ₡5.000
12pc for ₡8.900
18pc for ₡12.000

Toss it up! Create the super salad of your dreams


Start with the basics: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, shredded carrots, bell pepper, and red onion. ₡3.500

Add Extras: Chickpeas, Red Beans, Sweet Corn, Fresh Mango.  ₡250 each

Add Premium Extras: Bacon, Avocado, Hearts of Palm, Artichoke, Shredded Cheddar/Jack.  ₡500 each

Top It With Protein: Grilled Catch of the Day, Grilled Chicken Breast, Breaded Chicken, Buffalo Chicken. 1 for ₡1,000

Dress It Up: Ranch, Blue Cheese, Creamy Garlic, Herb Vinaigrette, Chipotle Vinaigrette or Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar.  Included

All of our burgers are handmade from grass-fed 100% beef patties from our exclusive local farm.
Classic Cheeseburger

Sometimes simplest is the purest way to go.
1/2 pound beef patty and cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and a pickle on a toasted buttered bun with Sharky’s secret sauce.


Western burger

1/2 pound beef patty, bacon, cheddar cheese and crispy onion rings smothered in our signature Jameson BBQ sauce. Giddy up!


Blue Cheese Burger

1/2 pound patty with blue cheese, caramelized onions and garlic aioli. Zero messing around.


California Burger

1/2 pound beef patty, avocado, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion with Sharky’s secret sauce. California dreamin. Serious shark sized hunger!


big kahuna

1/2 pound beef patty, 1/2 pound pulled pork and our signature Jameson BBQ sauce. Built for those brave enough for the big wave!


Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion on ciabatta bread with our cilantro lime aioli. Delicious and nutritious!


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Get your buffalo fix. Breaded chicken breast with spicy buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion.


Beef Tenderloin Sandwich

Beef tenderloin, grilled onions and red peppers on ciabatta bread with our cilantro lime aioli. Bright and bold!


Chicken Finger

All-star breaded chicken strips and fries served with BBQ, ranch and honey mustard dipping sauces.


Fish & Chips

An English pub classic. Beer battered catch of the day, served with fries and our homemade tartar sauce.


California Monster Burrito

A flour tortilla stuffed with your choice of meat, grilled peppers & onions, cheddar cheese, guacamole, and jam packed with crispy tater tots. California dreamin.

 With Grilled Chicken ₡6.500

 With Pulled Pork ₡6.500

 With Beef Tenderloin ₡7.500

Sharky’s Signatures come with extra love. All dishes are prepared with Classic Confit (C) or Sous Vide (SV) methods, low and slow, making our meats tender, juicy and to die for! Finished off on the grill for a mastery of flavor. Dive in!

***All Sharky’s Signatures come with Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Cucumber & Dill Salad and our Jalapeño Cornbread***
Or substitute the sides above with your choice of French Fries, Tater Tots, Onion Rings or Side Salad


Brushed with our signature Jameson BBQ sauce.

 Half Rack (400grams) ₡8.400

 Half Rack (800grams) ₡12.900

Baby Back BBQ RIBS (C)

Brushed with our signature Jameson BBQ sauce.

 Half Rack (300grams) ₡9.500

 Full Rack (600grams) ₡14.900

Grilled Beef Tenderloin (SV)

With Chimichurri


Crispy Pork Belly (C)

 300grams ₡5.500

600grams ₡8.500

Grilled catch of the day (SV)

With spicy coconut sauce

200grams ₡7.500

Sharky’s BBQ Skewers (SV)

Fresh veggies and big meat cuts!

Grilled Chicken ₡6.500

Beef Tenderloin ₡7.500

Mixed ₡7.000

Mixed Grill Special

A family tradition.
Half Rack St. Louis BBQ Ribs,
Half Rack Baby Back BBQ Ribs, Crispy Pork Belly (300g)
and Sharky’s BBQ Skewers (Mixed).



Cheddar/jack cheese blend folded inside a crispy tortilla.


KiDS burger & fries

Naked as the day it was born. Add cheese if you like.


KiDS Pulled Pork

A delicious pulled pork slider made just for kids.


KiDS chicken Fingers & Fries

Crispy stripes of tender white meat and even crispier fries!


Onion rings


French Fries


Tater Tots




carrots & Celery

With ranch or blue cheese dressing.


baked beans


potato salad


cucumber & Dill Salad


jalapeño corn bread


13% Sales Tax included in all prices. 10% Service Tax not included

Delivery available from TicoToGo | Catering Available, Call for more info

Mixed Wings